German Shepherd

German Shepherd – Breed profileGerman Shepherd – Breed profile

German Shepherd.

The German Shepherd is a herding dog famous for his devotion, courage and guarding abilities. This dog works as a service German Shepherddog with the police and military. His nature makes him an excellent search and rescue dog, and guide dog for the blind. Many families all over the world continue to enjoy his companionship as a family pet.

Even though the German Shepherd has a wolf-like primitive appearance, they developed into a modern breed in 1899. He has excellent herding abilities working with sheep.

General Characteristic List.

Classification: Herding Group
Weight Range: Male and Female: 75 to 95 lbs
Height at Withers: Male: 25 inches

Female: 23 inches

Unique Features: Naturally upright ears



Exercise Requirements: 40 minutes per day
Energy Level: Average
Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years
The tendency to Drool: Low
The tendency to Snore: Low
The tendency to Dig: Low
Social/Attention Needs: Moderate
Bred For: Herding, Guard dog
Coat Length: Medium
Coat Characteristics: Double coat
Coat Colours: Most colours, other than white
Overall, Grooming Needs: Moderate
Garden Requirements: Medium
Prevalence: Common


German Shepherd– Personality.

German Shepherds are reliable and loyal.  These dogs can be aloof, reserved and suspicious around strangers. They don’t make friends quickly but when they do are approachable and easy-going. Shepherds can be domineering.

These dogs are popular as watchdogs because of their strength and protective nature over their homes and families. They need companionship and cannot be left alone for long periods. They can become frustrated and bored and develop unwanted behaviour like barking and chewing.

German Shepherds in the home.

German Shepherd

This dog breed is highly energetic and needs to burn it off with regular vigorous exercise. This includes physical activity like jogging or playing in the dog park. They also require mental stimulation which can be provided by agility exercises and interactive dog toys.

German Shepherds need to be well trained and exposed to children from when they are puppies. Their protective, trustworthy and gentle nature makes them dependable babysitters. Shepherds are large dogs and might accidentally bump into smaller children.

These dogs can live peacefully in a multi-pet home with proper socialization. An adult German Shepherd introduced to such a home may be aggressive towards other dogs or cats. A professional dog trainer can help the dog adjust to the new household.


German Shepherds are biddable and highly intelligent. These athletic dogs are versatile. They have a legendary work ethic and thrive when they are assigned tasks to do. Breeding plays a role in how trainable a Shepherd is. It German-bred Shepherds have are more energetic and driven, unlike their American bred counterparts.

If this dog is poorly bred, they can be nervous and easily upset. Inadequate training and socialization can make a German Shepherd display aggressive behaviour.


Like all dog breeds, German Shepherds are genetically predisposed to specific health conditions. These include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, bloat, skin disease, cataracts and pancreatic disease. Some German Shepherds might develop degenerative myelopathy, a progressive spinal cord disease.


13 thoughts on “German Shepherd – Breed profile”

  1. Christine says:

    German Shepherds are really beautiful dogs. I once knew a rescued German Shepherd at the shelter where I was volunteering. She was brought in with her 6-month old puppies. A majestic looking dog, absolutely! She was incredible and impressive. She was not good with other dogs, but she was sweet to me and other people. She and her puppies all found a home. 

    I hear that many dog breeds have health issues, and the German Shepherd is know to have back or hip problems. Do you think that sometimes there is too much inbreeding?

    1. Nic Castle says:

      You hit the nail on the head. Many health problems have come about through inbreeding. My mother was involved in establishing Briards in the UK. She stopped breeding them because people started inbreeding and there were problems with eyes and hips. I cant see how anyone would breed dogs just to look a certain way in the show ring.

  2. karen dennis says:

    Hi, love this article of the dog I grew up with pets overall a dog, cat, even birds and parakeets love dogs. they are good company to have and once you love them and take care of them don’t matter the breed they will love you back they will protect you especially the ones that are service dogs they do the job love them.

    1. Nic Castle says:

      German Shepherds are a great working dog and companion.

  3. Lana says:

    ooohhh!! I lover German Shepherd! I always want to have one but I am always afraid that it will never get along with cats. Do you have perhaps have some tips to train German Shepherd? It would be helpful. But since it quiet active, don’t you think it will not run around inside the house like Retriver?

    1. Nic Castle says:

      The German Shepherd has a lot of energy and is also very intelligent. They can be a great companion, but they take a lot of work looking after them. I look at that from the view, I got a dog to spend time with being a companion, to train and exercise. It is important to get the message out that dogs are for every part of our lives, not to be carried around in a handbag and used as an accessory to an outfit.

  4. Lucas Moore says:

    I recently learnt that the ancestors of German shepherd dogs acted as both servants and companions to humans for hundreds of years. however, there is recent controversy over the breeding of show dogs to have a
    sloping back rather than the straight back seen with working dogs. thank you very much

    1. Nic Castle says:

      You are right Lucas breeding show dogs can cause a lot of harm to a breed. I would rather have a healthy dog that works well or is a good companion. 

  5. Beesean says:

    Hello there, your article ‘German Shepherd – Breed Profile’ was a real joy and pleasure to read. As an avid dog enthusiast, it was nice to update my information and knowledge on a breed which in my opinion is one of the most reliable and competent. Having lived with a cross breed that is half German Shepherd, this article resonated with me on a personal level. 

  6. Joy says:

    hello there nice post you have here, The German Shepherd is  a really good breed of dog i have been having difficulty choosing the breed am going to get for my house hold but after looking at this dogs profile i think i have seen what i have been looking for am sure going to get one after now. thanks for sharing this with me.

  7. Ismeglamour says:

    Hello There, German shepherd dogs (GSD) are noble, diligent, loyal, and highly intelligent dogs. They are large in size and have very streamlined, athletic builds that make them both strong and agile. … They are excellent performing as working dogs, especially in police and military operations. Thanks for sharing this with us

  8. Kingsking says:

    Hello there!

    The article you have there is a very educative one about dogs. It is as well an interesting article. I actually read less about dogs because I’m not usually freaked at making dogs pets or friends. However, I’m glad to come across this interesting article and know about the German Shepherd dog.


    1. Nic Castle says:

      Thank you for your comments

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