Free Dog Training Session.

Free Dog Training Session.

Here is an opportunity to get a free Dog Training Session. There are no catches it is my way of paying forward some of the good experiences I have had with dogs. The most recent was when I was taken ill and became unconscious at the road side. and my assistance dog saved me. As I often say my dog is my best friend. I want to help people have a dog that truely is a mans  (or womans) best friend.

Due to time limits I can only give a limited amount of these free sessions away. If you would like one filling the form below and follow the instructions in the email you recieve.

I will have the session via a video link and help you with what ever you would like to work on with your dog. You will not be charged for any help and advice given on the call.

Everyone will also recieve a copy of an ebook Ihave recently released. “Lessons To Learn For A New Puppy Or Dog.”

The Number of places are strictly monitored, don’t miss out on this limited offer.

5 thoughts on “Free Dog Training Session.”

  1. Jack says:

    I have always wanted to get a dog training session, I haven’t gotten any because I have been coming across quite expensive training sessions but I’m glad I came across this great article about free dog training session, thank you for sharing this article and I’m sure it will be of a good help to other people , it such a great opportunity for individuals that are looking for dog training sessions. 

  2. Jbryce says:

    It’s a very good opportunity that I’m able to come across this article,  getting dogs training sessions can be quite expensive sometimes and it is very thoughtful of you to bring this down here. I’ll register and see how it goes. Thanks for sharing such an amazing and helpful information

  3. Jackie says:

    This is definitely a chance that I am not willing to give up at all because I just got my dog and I understand that giving him a good training is important to help him become a good dog and since you’re a person with good amount of knowledge on dogs, it would be good to learn from you. Thank you for this good opportunity.

  4. Priscilla Holmes says:

    Thanks for the free dog training session offer. I have a puppy (10 months) who am trying to train to walk and not jump on people. I wasn’t physically able to do it earlier but now I’ve recovered enough go walking now. Thanks for this. Will check it out. Hopefully I can get her to walk and not try to run in every direction.

  5. Energy Kadango says:

    This is a very noble gesture to offer people free dog training sessions. I am sure a lot of people would need these and appreciate them as it is not as easy as some people think. I am not a current dog owner myself but I will refer any of my friends and family that would need this. Thank you very much.

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