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Dogs In An Emergency.Emergency Packs

Over the last year, we have seen that the world we live in can change dramatically very quickly. There are a lot of situations that can require emergency action, whether it is a small cut your dog gets whilst out on a walk through to forest fires and earthquakes. Hopefully, most people and their dog will not experience a natural disaster, but it is always best to be prepared and not need something rather than not be prepared and not have what you need.

I suggest you make an emergency pack to meet your needs. Be aware of what could happen and put together a package to meet those needs. For example, in the UK, we don’t have substantial forest fires or earthquake of any real significance, but we have places that suffer from severe flooding.

Below is a list of a variety of items that you might want to include in your emergency pack. Remember, put it somewhere safe and easy to access. As I mentioned, we have areas which flood. Placing an emergency supply of dry food downstairs where it can get wet is not an ideal storage area. When storing food, remember to rotate it, so it remains fresh.

In addition to having an emergency pack at home, I suggest that you also have a standard kit. This is something that you can grab when you are going out so you have everything you may need.  I would suggest some items for in an emergency and also some things that you use on your walks.

Everyday Standard Kit.

  • Basic Dog First Aid items,
  • Bottle of water,
  • Portable bowl,
  • Poo bags,
  • Treats
  • Contact details for your dog’s vet

Emergency Pack.

  • Pet Identification Forms for each pet with photos attached
  • Collar and leash for your dog with ID tags on all collars
  • Vaccination records of each dog
  • Three-week supply of each dog’s medications
  • Sedatives for dogs that frighten easily
  • Plastic bags, paper towels, and cleaning supplies
  • Three-week supply of food for each dog
  • Manual can opener
  • Food and water bowls for each dog
  • Supply of drinking water
  • Toys or blankets your dog will find familiar
  • Towels
  • Grooming items
  • Detailed instructions for animal care and rescue workers
  • Copy of veterinarian’s information
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Pet first aid kit: include bandaging material, antiseptic ointment, alcohol, gloves, tweezers, muzzle and gauze.
  • First aid books for dogs

It isn’t a definitive list that you should put all these items into you Daily Pack or Emergency Pack. You need to put in what you believe is essential for your dog. This may vary from person to person and dog to dog, but there are some items that you will find essential.


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